The Apple of Infinite Knowledge

from by Panzerfaust

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Ex Nihilo? This mortal coil did not sow its seed nothingness.
It was the contempt of this anguish, that my soul shined reverence unto itself.
I hastened where most tongues would have stumbled, rather - I chose to sanctify it. I saw the poison in theosis, and I saw the aethearea in the yawning abyss. Woe, unto ye angelic binds which forsake the aeons. This burden scorched like a saraph's fang upon the throat of God; this incarnation was strangled like a dove constricted by the knot of vipers. Verily did He say unto I, "receiveth this chrism, and be cast." It was exactly here where I came to see the virtue in all vices. For what vainglory would one hope to find in worthlessness? But nothingness? In days to come you will understand this - the will turning against life. The true knowledge revealed its repellent rot in that place where man would least desire to find it. It was a reflection of this truth, the vile, the abhorrent, and odious. -- For this truth does exist.

"The Devil has the broadest perspectives for God; therefore, he keeps so far away from God -- the Devil being the most ancient friend of wisdom"
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit..
And behold the hangman's knot of faith where the hangman himself once beheld his offering. I accepted this curse; and I blessed it. For I saw what it meant to be human, and I saw it eradicate the ideal. And came into question the value of this will, and I swore: "de omnibus dubitandum." I expelled this espirit vaste, and denied divinity. I descended even further, into this stoic regression. I cast locusts upon the pious strata, and ate the knowledge of God -- this was the coarsest void of the spirit -- the boldest glare of antithetic value. Alas, Ó pneúma tēs alētheías.


from Jehovah​-​Jireh: The Divine Anti​-​logos, released February 11, 2013


all rights reserved


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