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Eat this bread and drink this cup of the LORD, and ye shall
feel guilt of the body and blood of the LORD. Take it and feed from the plate of his glory; at Kibroth Hattaavah ye provoked the LORD to wrath. For thee cometh in vanity and depart in darkness as there has wrath come out from Him;
the plague has begun.

Surely, his hand is loving, and his word is just?
O, be joyful all ye lands; thy cancer come in jubilation.
For he made a path to his anger, yet spared not their
souls from death; but gave their lives
over to the pestilence.

All that abides by fire, ye shall pass it through fire and cleaned.
Nevertheless, shall ye soak in the waters of separation.
For the great man rots in the vanity of his own ideal,
And climbs the ladder of devoid,
to question the human condition:
Would not nothing less than a mirror provideth
the disguise, for the mask of GOD?
"Judge not lest ye be judged?"
And the mark shall be given, for it is holy.
The divine essence of grace presents itself as malice,
so that all ye lands will hear it; and fear it.

He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be
silent in darkness. For by strength, may no man prevail.
Where is that place where light dwelleth?
For virtue and vice divided by a splinter, and sang together;
The Stars of the Morning.

The libation of the blood bore this consecration.
So where is the place to this dwelling light?
And the darkness, where is its place?


from Jehovah​-​Jireh: The Divine Anti​-​logos, released February 11, 2013


all rights reserved


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